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Retired Agent from Texas

“The SFFCU mobile app is the best on my phone. And, I do believe it is the most secure. So easy to do business with. I am a retired SF Agent and have been with SFFCU since 1981.”

Agent from South Dakota

“I am a Credit Union Member of over 30 years.  There has never, ever been a time that I have not been helped in a professional and wonderful manner!!! I hang up thinking…that person loves their job!”

Employee from Virginia

“My husband wanted to apply for an auto loan through the Credit Union to take advantage of their excellent interest rates. He’s not extremely tech savvy and when final documentation was being requested, I wasn’t home to assist with submitting the documents online.  He called to advise he would submit all of it when I returned.  Instead, a credit union loan officer offered to walk him patiently through how to do it.  It doesn’t end there.  She called him back to let him know she received everything that was needed.  He even said to me that you just don’t see that type of customer service any more. That made me extremely proud to work for such a great company!”

Employee from Texas

“I have been with SF for 35 years and a member of the SFFCU family. And, why wouldn’t anyone who works for SF not be a member? It’s one of the best perks we have at SF. Even my immediate family have been or currently are members. My most remarkable experience is the ease of purchasing a new car…I loved sitting in a dealership and the salesperson telling me their low interest rate. And I said, well… my rate at SFFCU is this. And he said, we can’t touch that! The process was handled seamlessly online. The SFFCU has always given me peace of mind. Things have changed, but it’s still easy to jump on the app and get my needs taken care of. Thank you for all you do for us!”

Agent from Illinois

“The Credit Union simply makes my life easier. I started an automatic payment schedule years ago to save some money and to provide an emergency fund. One of the best things I ever started! The loan process is also as painless as a loan process can be. Having a loan payment and savings account both removed directly from my check is the only way to go! One of the best perks at State Farm.”

Retiree from South Dakota

“My family has three generations of State Farm employees. Agent, Claims, Underwriting. The Credit Union has helped us buy cars, save for college and retirement, remodel our home, endless transactions. My children became “savers” and looked forward to opening their statements every month. Not once have we had a problem. My son found a vehicle he needed for college while we were on vacation. A call to the Credit Union provided him with the funds to make his dream come true. (And this was before cell phones in every pocket!)

Thank you for ALL you do for your members!!”

Employee from Oregon

“For over 20 years, SFFCU has offered me the best rates for loans, and best service of any bank. The Credit Union employees have helped me make quality decisions and improve the way I organize and manage my finances. SFFCU has consistently been a great benefit offered to State Farm associates.”

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