ACH (Automated Clearing House) Receiving Instructions

This information is to aid in sending electronic deposits and making electronic payments to and from your credit union accounts initiated by another institution or company. Note: ACH payments also may be called EFT (electronic funds transfer), Bill Payer, Direct Deposit, etc.

Refer to your employer, bank, mortgage company, Internal Revenue Service, etc. to sign up for this ACH service. You will need to supply the following information when completing your authorization with the other institution for money to be electronically deposited (credits) or withdrawn (debits) from your credit union accounts.

Account Information

Account Nickname (optional)SFFCU
Routing Transit Number271176200
Bank NameState Farm Federal Credit Union
Mailing AddressPO Box 853944 Richardson, TX 75085-3944
Account TypeSavings or Loan
Credit Union MemberYour Name As It Appears On Your SFFCU Account
Account NumberYour 7-Digit SFFCU Number and Sub-Account (i.e. S1, L38)
Use your full 7-digit member number followed by your sub-account suffix (Examples: 1234567S1, 1234567L51.1). If alpha characters are not permitted, substitute the number 5 for the letter S or the number 7 for the letter L.

Funds being directly deposited can represent a variety of products such as payroll, interest, pension funds, dividends, tax refunds, 401k Plan distributions, mutual fund distributions, life insurance distributions, income tax refunds and others. Payments taken from your account may be loan payments, mortgage payments, insurance premiums, utility bills, etc.