Beware of SFFCU Text Scam

State Farm® and State Farm Federal Credit Union (SFFCU) have been made aware of a text phishing scam (known as smishing) sent to Credit Union members and State Farm employees in attempts to harvest log-in credentials (usernames and passwords). The text may ask for additional information such as credit card numbers. 

If you receive a text message which appears to be spoofing the State Farm Federal Credit Union, do the following:

  • DO NOT click on links.
  • DO NOT log in to a suspicious website or enter financial information (e.g., credit card numbers).
  • Block the phone number used and delete the text message.  

Note:  There is no need to report the text if you take the above precautions. If you have clicked the link and attempted to login, please contact the Credit Union at 1-888-521-5209.

These text messages include malicious URLs.   “State Farm” and “FCU” (the acronym for “Federal Credit Union”) may be used in the URL or in the text message to make them appear legitimate.  The Credit Union is working with the State Farm Cybersecurity team to mitigate the situation as soon as possible.

For additional information about protecting your credit union account, check out our Manage Your Security page.