Frequently Asked Questions – Membership

Answers to Common Questions About SFFCU Membership

State Farm agents’ staff who do not meet the definition of immediate family member are not within the Credit Union field of membership and do not qualify for membership.
Membership in the State Farm Federal Credit Union is open to all U.S. State Farm employees, agents, retirees, and certain members of their immediate family. Children would need to meet the definition of an immediate family member to be eligible for membership.
No, we do not offer checking accounts. With our online banking system and mobile app, you can transfer funds to and from your share savings accounts to other financial institutions.
No, we do not offer Credit Cards or Debit Cards. We offer Personal Line of Credit loans, which offer the flexibility of requesting money as you need it.

All borrowers must be SFFCU members and qualify according to current Credit Union guidelines.
Yes, for information on trust accounts, visit our Trust Share Account page, email our New Account team or call us at 888-521-5209.

Email links are for general inquiries only. They are not secure email. For your protection, please do not include confidential or sensitive information such as social security numbers, account numbers, etc. when using this email link.
The easiest way to join the Credit Union is to Apply Online or call the Credit Union at 888-521-5209.
When an employee leaves State Farm® as a retiree, they retain access to the same State Farm Federal Credit Union membership benefits they had as an employee.

When a member terminates their employment relationship with State Farm for a reason other than retirement, they become a Limited Services member of State Farm Federal Credit Union.

Limited Services Members may:

  • Continue to use their primary Share Savings account, including making deposits and withdrawals

  • Maintain their existing loans until they are paid in full (but may not request additional advances on lines of credit)

  • Access account statements online using E-statements

  • Access account information through our online banking system and mobile app.

  • Attend and vote at the State Farm Federal Credit Union annual meeting
Limited Services members may not open additional share or loan accounts. This includes processing any submitted or pre-approved loan applications not yet funded at the time an individual becomes a Limited Services Member.
While you may not open new accounts if you are no longer in State Farm Federal Credit Union’s field of membership, you are still financially responsible for the terms outlined in your loan agreement(s). We offer several ways for individuals no longer in our field of membership to make payments.

  • Log into our online banking system or mobile app and add your external financial institution as a transfer account. You can then set up one-time or recurring payments directly from your external account to your SFFCU loan account.

  • Call Member Services Center at 1-888-521-5209 between the hours of 7am – 7pm CST, Monday – Friday, and complete ACH enrollment over the phone with a Credit Union Specialist.

  • Transfer funds from your Share Savings Account.

  • Mail check payments using a coupon book (a coupon book will be automatically mailed to you if you do not set up ACH payments).
After your loan(s) have been paid in full, your Share Savings Account(s) will remain open unless you contact us to request closure. Please contact us at 1-888-521-5209 with any additional questions regarding membership in State Farm Federal Credit Union.

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