Required Loan Documentation

Examples of documentation required when applying for a loan are provided below. Specific requirements will vary based on individual circumstances and the type of loan requested.

  • Proof of income (must be current and valid)
  • Sales agreement for all vehicles purchased through a dealership
  • Auto/Truck Worksheet for private party purchases, some dealer purchases, refinancing from another financial institution, and applying for a loan using an auto or truck for collateral.  If financing another vehicle type complete the Boat/Motorcycle/RV/Other Vehicle Worksheet.
  • Payoff Information Form – required for refinancing from another financial institution and private party purchases if the seller has a loan on the vehicle you are purchasing
  • Copy of the vehicle title for private party sales (upon approval if no lien exists)
  • Copy of the lease buyout agreement, along with the total amount required to finance including applicable taxes, is required for members wishing to buy out their current vehicle lease
  • In cases of debt consolidation, a list of accounts you wish to consolidate and current balances

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