Steps to Apply For a Personal Loan/Line of Credit/Share Secured Loan

Steps to Apply For a Personal Loan/Line of Credit (LOC)/Share Secured Loan

  • Contact information for applicant (SSN, DOB, phone number and email); Submitting a joint application? Please make sure your co-applicant is eligible for membership and has their own account or joint on your primary share (minimum $10).
  • Current housing, employment and income information for all applicants.
  • Loan amount or LOC requested.
  • Length (term) of the loan you want.
  • What you want to do with the funds.
  • For Share Secured loans, provide the account you wish to pledge as collateral.

If you’re wanting to consolidate your debts, we’ll also need:

  • List of creditor names, current balances and last four (4) digits of accounts to pay off.
Once the underwriter has reviewed your application, you’ll receive a call or email letting you know the status. Save SFFCU’s number (1-888-521-5209) in your contacts to be ready for our call.
Electronically sign your forms from anywhere using your laptop or mobile device.
You can choose from a variety of options to receive your loan funds. We can overnight the check directly to you or deposit into your share account.

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