Title and Insurance Requirements

You will be responsible to ensure your vehicle is properly titled listing State Farm Federal Credit Union (SFFCU) as the lienholder. Once your loan is closed we will send you a title & insurance letter outlining these requirements.

Titling Requirements

Purchase Type Requirements
Purchasing any new or used vehicle from a dealership Dealers are required to record State Farm Federal Credit Union as the lienholder on the title. Please provide the dealer with the lien information provided here.



Purchasing a vehicle from a private party


Refinancing a vehicle


Financing an auto/truck for which you have clear title

You will be responsible for having State Farm Federal Credit Union added as a lienholder to your title as outlined here.


Each state has specific titling requirements. If refinancing, you should receive a released or clear title from the previous lender after the payoff has been processed. If you need assistance please contact your state titling agency for a complete list of all documents and fees needed to title vehicles in your state.


Note: The vehicle must be titled in at least either the borrower or co-borrower’s name. No individuals may be listed on the title unless they have signed the security agreement. If SFFCU receives a title that includes additional names, we will require a new security agreement be signed by all parties listed on the title. If your loan is in a business name, both your name and the business name will be required to be listed on the title.

Non-Titled Vehicles Certain vehicles require Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filings to ensure SFFCU’s interest as lienholder. Contact your state agency for information.


Agent Loan Requirements

Please review the following rules specific to agency loans:

  • In accordance with regulatory agency rules related to member business loans there is a maximum total of $49,999 allowed for all loans specifically for business purposes.
  • Vehicle loans in the name of your agency or a vehicle titled in the name of your agency are automatically considered for business purposes and will count toward the maximum limit.
  • Title(s) cannot be listed in your agency name only. For example, John Agent LLC is not allowed. However you are allowed to list John Agent LLC and John Agent. If the title is received without a natural person name listed it will need to be corrected at your expense. 


Insurance Requirements

Inform your insurance agent/company to list State Farm Federal Credit Union as lienholder/loss payee as follows:

State Farm Federal Credit Union
PO Box 853944
Richardson, TX 75085-3944

Insure your vehicle with both comprehensive and collision coverage with a deductible not to exceed $1,000.


Please contact us via e-mail or call 888-521-5209 with questions.