Technical Issues When Using IE

Internet Explorer (IE), Microsoft’s legacy (and soon-to-be phased out) internet browser, has been identified as a primary cause of technical issues for our members trying to access the online banking platform.  The simple solution is to use a different browser. Recommended browsers are Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari and Firefox. 

If you prefer IE as your default browser, no need to change.  Just use one of the browsers listed above to access your online banking accounts through your State Farm Federal Credit Union.  Here’s how:

If using your State Farm computer:

1. Click the Search icon on the lower left corner of your screen.

2. Type Chrome.

3. Click the Google Chrome App and a new browser page will open. (Tip: Hover over and right click on the Google Chrome App and select Pin to Taskbar for future use.)

4. Type in the address field. (Tip: Save this address to your Bookmarks by clicking the star icon at the end of the address field and saving to your Bookmarks bar.)

5. Click Login to Online Banking.

If using your personal computer (non-Apple Computer)

1. Check to see if you have one of the recommended browsers on your computer. If not, you will need to download one.

2. Click Login to Online Banking. At the bottom of the page, click Browser Support.  

3. A menu of Desktop browsers appear. Select desired browser – Google Chrome is recommended. 

4. Once downloaded, follow the instructions above to access your newly installed browser.

If using an Apple personal computer

1. Ensure you have the most current Safari or Firefox browser versions installed on your Apple computer.

If you experience technical issues or have any questions, call us at 888-521-5209.