Special Accounts

We offer accounts for a variety of special needs.  Click an icon below to begin the application process.


Minor Account Icon

Minor Account
An account opened for a minor must be jointly held with an individual who has reached the age of majority. For example, a parent or guardian
must be a joint owner.  Our Young Savers Program helps establish savings plans early in life by funding the initial $5 share deposit when a minor account is opened for child under the age of 12 months.


Trust Accounts

Trust Account
A Trust account may be created when a person (trustee) holds property for the benefit of another under some form of written agreement. A trust account may be set up to hold funds under a trust agreement if the Grantor of the trust is within the credit union’s field of membership.


Uniform Transfer to Minors Act/Uniform Gift to Minors Act (UTMA/UGMA)
Money in these accounts are considered an irrevocable gift or transfer to the minor. The custodian on the account controls the funds for the benefit
of the minor.



Club Account Icon

Club/Organization Account
For a club/organization to qualify for membership and open an account, ALL members of the club/organization must be within the credit union’s field of membership. Examples: SF Toastmasters Clubs, SF Employees’ Activities Association, SF Golf League.


Representative Payee Account Icon

Representative Payee Account
A representative payee is an individual appointed by the Social Security Administration to manage Social Security or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) for a recipient beneficiary unable to handle his or her own finances.


Guardian Account Icon

Guardian Account
A guardian is an individual appointed by the court to care for the property, person, or both, of an incompetent person or minor. The
guardian has fiduciary responsibility to transact business for the benefit of the minor or incompetent person, who is the actual owner of the account.


Estate Account Icon

Estate Account
An estate account may be created when an authorized individual (executor or administrator) requests the transfer of
a deceased member’s account to a new account, under the name and tax identification number of the estate.  Call us at 888-521-5209 to begin the application process.


Once submitted, your application will be reviewed in the order received. Please check here to see our current new membership application processing timeframe. You will receive updates via email regarding the status of your membership application.


Please contact us at 888-521-5209 with any questions or for additional assistance.