SFFCU Budget Workbook

Plan for your future

Create Your Budget Today!

Our popular 2022 SFFCU Budget Workbook is available as a downloadable budgeting tool. This is a great resource to document financial goals, track your progress and set reminders for important dates throughout the year.

Here are a few tips to help with successful budget planning:

  • Keep it Simple. If you’re just starting out with a budget, make it as simple as possible to help you stick with it throughout the year.
  • Make it Automatic. Set up multiple Credit Union savings accounts with names that correspond to your financial goals (e.g., holiday spending, vacation, emergency fund, new car, etc.) Use automated payroll deduction to keep your savings on track every paycheck.
  • Be flexible. Budgeting can be hard, and setting up a budget for the first time can be intimidating. Know that you may need to adjust your budget and habits in order to meet your financial goals.

Download the Workbook to track and save your progress today. If you have questions about how our products and services may help with your budgeting goals, contact us at 888-521-5209.


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