Repayment Options


State Farm Payroll Deductions

Remove the hassle associated with paying your loan each month by having payments directly deducted from your State Farm paycheck. Say goodbye to coupon books, stamps, paper checks and trips to the Credit Union. One less payment to think about! Click for details


(ACH) Automatic Deduction from External Account

Automatic Clearing House (ACH) is an electronic network for financial transactions in the United States. A specified amount is automatically withdrawn from your external financial institution account to pay back your loan. ACH payments are an efficient and less costly alternative to paper checks.  Click for details


Automatic Payment from Credit Union Share Account

Request automated internal transfers from your Credit Union share accounts to pay back your Credit Union loans. Click for details


Loan Coupon Book

A loan coupon book is a set of preprinted payment stubs that SFFCU will provide if you have not selected another option. Each stub in the coupon book indicates the payment amount and due date. Detach the stub and mail it along with monthly payment. Click for details