Next Steps – Pre-approved Vehicle Loan

Step 1:  Applications undergo an initial review for completeness.  You will be notified if your application is missing any required information. You may check to see the application date we are currently processing by clicking here. 

Step 2:  Once your application is considered complete, it will be forwarded to Underwriting for review.

Step 3:  You will be contacted once a final decision is made regarding your loan application


Additional Information

  • If pre-approved, you will receive a pre-approval letter with detailed information outlining next steps and required documentation.  This letter will include your pre-approved amount and valid through date.  You will have until the valid through date to find the vehicle you wish to purchase and finalize your loan.
  • Once we receive the sales agreement, we will contact you to finalize loan details.
  • If the amount needed to purchase the vehicle is more than the pre-approved loan, we will need to review your application to determine if the increased loan amount can be accommodated.



If you have questions, email or call 888-521-5209.