Welcome to Your New Online Banking Experience!

The new State Farm Federal Credit Union online banking system and mobile app are now available for all members! Online registration is easy, and can be completed through both platforms. Need additional help? 

Former E-access Online Banking Users (with active logins since March 2019): Check out our Existing User Conversion Guide .

New Online Banking Users (including anyone who had not logged in to E-access since March 2019): Check out our New User Registration Guide.


Login to Our Online Banking System: my.statefarmfcu.com

Download Our Mobile App:


Important note: online registration is not available during the initial launch period to members who were not enrolled in our previous E-access online banking system (or had not accessed their online account since March 2019). Those individuals may enroll now by calling us at 888-521-5209, 7 am – 7 pm CT, Mon – Fri.

We’ve assembled a few additional resources to get you started with some of our new functions:

Using Remote Deposit Capture

Conducting Transfers

Using Account Aggregation

Setting Up Account Notifications


What’s New

Welcome to your new online banking experience! Not only is it now easier than ever to access your Credit Union online, but we’ve introduced our first-ever mobile banking app for Apple and Android devices!

There’s a lot to be excited about. Some of the things we think you’ll appreciate are:

  • An entirely new interface. The intuitive design of our new online banking system and mobile app provides an updated, personalized, and easy to use experience. Even applying for loans through your phone is a breeze!
  • Remote deposit capture. No more mailing Mobile App View on a Mobile Devicechecks to make deposits (although you still can if you really want). Depositing most checks is easy as taking a couple pictures.
  • Biometric login technology. Fingerprint and face recognition can be used to access your account, making the login process fast and secure (on supported devices when configured).
  • Easy transfers. Move money between your accounts at the Credit Union, as well as to and from your accounts at other financial institutions, in one easy to use interface. A new feature, Member to Member transfers, allows you to transfer money to other Credit Union members.
  • Account aggregation. This optional feature lets you view your account information from other banks and credit unions through our online banking system and app.
  • Snapshot. Members who enable this feature in the mobile app can view limited account information on their devices, such as balances and recent transactions, without logging in.


Check out these videos to see our mobile app and remote deposit capture in action!



With all these changes, we know you have some questions. Here’s a few that might be on your mind:

Q: Can I still use the Credit Union’s former E-access system?
A: No, E-access has been replaced with the new SFFCU Online system and mobile app.

Q: How do I begin using the new system if I was already set up for E-access?
A: You’ll need to login to the the new online banking system at my.statefarmfcu.com, which will require your existing E-access user ID and a few pieces of personal information to verify your identity. You can also complete this directly through the mobile app.

Q: How do I use the new system if I was not set up for E-access in the past?
A: You’ll need to set up online banking access at my.statefarmfcu.com, and will need your SFFCU member number along with a few pieces of personal information to verify your identity. New user registration will be disabled online during the initial launch period as we focus on getting existing users up and running. New users should contact us at 888-521-5209, 7 am – 7 pm CT, Mon – Fri, during this time to enroll in online banking. 

Q: I’m used to E-access. Why are you making these changes?
A: E-access served our members well for many years, but it’s become apparent that a newer, more modern system can provide an even better online banking experience (especially on mobile devices). Not only is the new system much easier to use, but our dedicated app makes mobile banking better than ever.

Q: What about the Automated Phone Teller Service?
A: Automated Phone Teller service has been deactivated. This service, used by a small number of members, was put into place prior to the emergence of modern online banking platforms. Deactivating Automated Phone Teller allows us to focus on delivering a remarkable online banking experience.

Q: Why can’t I view my State Farm Bank account(s) in your system using the Account Aggregation function?
A: State Farm Bank does not support the automated feature of adding accounts to personal financial management software.

Q: Do I have to download the app in order to access my account on my phone?
A: You can access the website from your phone without downloading the app, as the new website does incorporate a mobile-friendly format. However, the app provides a lot of functionality on mobile devices that is not incorporated into the online banking website. Some of this is outlined in the chart below.

Mobile App Features compared to Online Banking