Loan Application Status Definitions

If you applied for a loan online, you can check the status of your application at any time through E-access at Lending>Check Loan Status.  See below for a list of loan statuses and definitions.



Application is approved and ready to close. Documents are in the process of being finalized or have been sent for signature(s).  You will be contacted via phone or email.  After all documents are signed, we will contact you when the funding of loan proceeds has been completed.



Application has been canceled resulting in no further action taken. In the case of loan pre-approvals, the pre-approval timeframe has expired. 


Closed for Incompleteness

Application was not fully completed within five (5) days after being initiated, and is now closed and will not be reviewed. A new application will need to be initiated.


Counter Offer

Application is not approved for the original request but another option(s) has been provided. You will be contacted via phone or email .  Please contact us with a response within the timeframe requested.



Application is not approved based on underwriting guidelines. You will be contacted via phone or email.  Additionally, you will receive written notification within 30 days explaining the declination reason(s).



Application has not been fully completed. Please ensure to click “I agree” before exiting the application to provide consent for us to perform an inquiry on your credit.  Any applications not completed within five (5) calendar days will be considered withdrawn.  


Member Waiting

Application is pending review by Underwriting. You will be contacted via phone or email with the loan decision.


Need More Info

Application has been reviewed and more information is required before we can proceed with the underwriting decision.   Check your email for further explanation of what is needed to expedite your loan application.  If no response is received within 15 days, your application will be automatically declined.



Application has been submitted and is awaiting review. Applications are reviewed in the order received. 



Application is pre-approved based on credit standards and an initial assessment of information supplied. You will receive a pre-approval letter that includes your pre-approved amount and offer expiration date.  Note: The final approved loan amount, subject to underwriting and credit standards, will be determined after receiving all required documentation including the actual vehicle purchase price.


Review / Referred

Application is currently being reviewed by Underwriting. You will be contacted via phone or email with a loan decision.


Thank you for your interest in State Farm Federal Credit Union. Please contact us at 1-888-521-5209, Option 2, between the hours of 7 am – 7 pm CST, Monday – Friday with any questions related to existing loan applications.