Personal Line of Credit Loans

All borrowers must be SFFCU members and qualify according to current Credit Union guidelines.


Personal Lines of Credit allow borrowers to request advances up to an approved credit limit ($50,000 maximum)[3]Members are limited to one Line of Credit loan (whether an individual or joint loan).


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Line of Credit Loans

Minimum Loan Amount Terms up to Annual Percentage Rate Payment per $1000 [1]
$1,000 N/A[2] 8.00% N/A[2]
(Up to $50,000)[3] N/A[2] 8.00% N/A[2]

[1] Payment per $1000 calculated on maximum term available.

[2] Line of Credit loans are a revolving line of credit. Payments are recalculated at each advance.

[3] $50,000 maximum combined of all Personal Loans and Lines of Credit per borrower.