The Key to a Successful Budget

Budget Workbook 2017Our online Budget Workbook is super easy to use and can help you clarify your financial goals, provide you guidance on how to meet them, and allow you the freedom to spend a little on yourself.

To keep your budget manageable, try these three methods:

* Set up Secondary Accounts.  You can open multiple accounts with the Credit Union and give them names that correspond with the different categories you’re budgeting for. Having multiple accounts allows you to easily shuttle money back and forth between them.

* Have a “spend on whatever I want” category. Agree on a set amount you get to spend on whatever you want each month. As long as you’re setting aside enough for expenses, savings, and needs, this gives you some financial freedom and allows you to indulge “guilty pleasures” without the guilt.

* Keep the budget simple. If you’re just starting out with a budget, making it as simple as possible will help you stick to it.

If you prefer a hard copy of our 2017 Budget Workbook, you may pick one up at one of our branch locations.