Loan Instructions

The easiest way to apply is online.  Login to your E-access account and select the Lending tab

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  • Information is required for each applicant
  • Co-borrower information is required if you are applying for joint credit
  • Applicants residing in a community property state, even if married, may apply for individual credit
  • Member Protection Program—Protect your loans with several options, coverage not required


Proof of Income 

  • Current State Farm Employees—current pay stub
  • Agents—agent online recap showing Total Payable per Agreement plus Total Awards and Bonuses
  • Co-Borrower/Spouse—most recent pay stub
  • Retirees—direct deposit as shown on bank statement or current pay stub for retirement or social security income as applicable
  • Self-Employed—IRS form 1040, Schedule C or F
  • Part-time Employment—proof of 6 months continuous income
  • Child Support or Alimony—divorce decree with current proof or check stubs.  Alimony, child support, or separate maintenance income is needed only if you want it considered
  • Rental—schedule E or current signed lease agreements if prior year Schedule E is not available


Payment Options 

  • Payroll Deduction from your State Farm employee or agent income
  • ACH—Withdrawal from your accounts at other financial institutions. ACH Origination Authorization Form
  • Periodic Payment Authorization—Have payments made directly from a SFFCU share savings account, either temporarily or permanently
  • Wire transfer—Send loan proceeds the same or next business day for a minimal fee


Vehicle Loans 

  • Pre-approval —Submit a request for the most you will need to borrow, including taxes, title and fees. Your pre-approval is good for 90 days giving you plenty of time to shop
  • Dealer Purchase —Submit a copy of the purchase agreement
  • Private Party Purchase — Submit the Used Vehicle Worksheet or call a CU Specialist to obtain an NADA value
  • Refinance — Submit the Used Vehicle Worksheet or call a CU Specialist to obtain an NADA value.


Proof of Vehicle Insurance—All vehicle loans are required to maintain insurance listing SFFCU as lien holder. Comprehensive and collision coverage are required (maximum deductible $1,000). Contact your agent to add the Credit Union as lienholder:

State Farm FCU
P.O. Box 7609
Lafayette, IN 47903-7609 

If you prefer, complete the Paper Loan Application and submit with all accompanying documentation to a Credit Union Branch or fax to 844-207-0938.

Questions-Call: 888-521-5209, Option 2